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Mindful Circle

Exploring The Power Of Being Present

Live Online Classes With a Qualified Teacher

Why Join Mindful Circle?

You feel like you are rushing through the day without a moment to catch your breath.​​

You constantly feel busy and that you can't switch off your mind.​​

You meditate from time to time, but you are not sure if you are doing it right.

You tried meditating with an app, but find it hard to build a new habit on your own.

You want to meditate from the comfort of your home and still be part of a community.

Self-care is important to you, and you choose to prioritize your well-being.

You want to experience the deep connection that comes from meditating  with others.​

The Mindful Circle Encourages You To


New Habits

Strengthen your ability to build new habits, thanks to the consistency of regular weekly sessions.

Calm The Mind

Learn how to appraoch your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in a different way and build resilience to stress.

Connect With Yourself

& Others

Cultivate a space to connect with yourself and others.  In silence, we can feel a deep connection with others by sharing the same intention and attitudes.

Explore Different Perspectives

Each month we will explore one of the core mindfulness  attitudes. By cultivating certain attitudes during your practice, you can start influencing your daily choices as well.

Experience More

Of Life

Practicing mindfulness isn't about achieving any particular state of relaxation, but rather about being able to be fully present in your life and for others.

Practice Self-Care

During each practice, you will be guided to customize the practice in a way that works for you. The invitation is to cultivate a  kinder relationship with yourself.

"Francesca has a calm and positive energy,
and her guidance makes you feel safe and motivated."

Maike Heesakkers, Netherlands

About The Mindful Circle

In a world constantly demanding your attention, it's easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. The intention of these meditation sessions is to support you in creating a space to pause and slow down, nourishing yourself on a profound level. Online sessions  give you the chance to  practice from anywhere, and help you integrate the practice into your daily routine. 

Each month we will explore a new theme around mindfulness and mindful living. the weekly session give you space for reflections and the chance to get your questions answered by a qualified teacher. You will have the necessary guidance, inspiration and community to support and develop your practice.

The sessions are inspired by the internationally recognized Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course.  The duration varies between 15 and 45 minutes. You can check the calendar online and join any class you want. A mix of sitting meditations, lying-down meditations and mindful movement sessions might be included. 

Live Online Guided Meditations

Support & Guidance Of a Qualified MBSR Teacher

Join a Growing Community

How To Join

Start exploring mindfulness meditation from the comfort of your home.

Purchase a single class or a  monthly pass, and book any session from the calendar.  

If meditation is completely new to you, you are welcomed to book a free non-binding call with me. I can help you get started and you can learn more about my  services.

Mindful Circle Calendar

  • Are the sessions recorded?
    No, they won't be recorded. The power of these sessions is that they are live and we are all connecting together at the same time to practice. As you might already know, the mind can be very convincing, and it can come up with many reasons why we should postpone doing something. The purpose of these session is to help you show build a new habit. Also, the sessions are not recorded so that you can feel free to come as you are, practicing in a safe and private place.
  • Do I need to turn on my camera?
    If you feel up for it, the invitation is to turn on your camera. Each meditation is guided live, so I can always make adjustments based on what I see emerging during the session and depending on the participants. The aim of this circle is to create a safe space where to connect and practice together, so you can imagine that you might feel more comfortable if you can see who is participating with you in the session. However, if you don't feel comfortable having your camera on, or maybe there is an occasion where you can't turn it on, no worries, that is absolutely fine. Also remember, nothing is recorded.
  • Is the Mindful Circle suitable for beginners?
    Yes, you can join also as a beginner. I offer different kind of sessions, so you can pick the duration you are most comfortable with. If you've never practice before, you are also encouraged to book a free call with me, so that I can help you get started in the right way. If you want, you can also join one of the upcoming free Taster Sessions.
  • Should I join Mindful Circle or the 8-week MBSR course instead?
    The 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachussetts Medical Center, and it's the most established mindfulness course available today. The curriculum has been widely researched, showing significant health benefits, both on a physical and mental level. The MBSR is a highly experiential group program, consisting of 8 weekly sessions of approximately 2h30 and a half-day retreat. The MBSR course offers a solid foundation on mindfulness meditation and stress reduction, so it's recommended to people that want to get an in-depth experience, no matter their level of experience. If you first want to get a feel of what the MBSR course is all about, you can read more in the blog or join one of my free Taster Sessions. The Mindful Circle has a different aim. It's a space where we can come together to practice meditation. There will be a theme each month to inspire you in your practice and daily life. You pay a monthly fee and you have the flexibility to join whenever you want. You can join every session or join only once a month, it's up to you and what suits your schedule. It's ideal if you want to build meditation into your daily routine, or you just want to have a space where you can practice with others from time to time. That's why it can be attended both by people that already participated in the MBSR course and those that didn't.
  • Will there be sessions every week?
    There might be a few times per year where there won't be any sessions. If I'm sick, attending a professional training, or on holidays, I will always pause all the plans, and they'll resume once I'm back teaching.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Length varies between 15 and 45 minutes. You can see the duration in the . The time indicated in the the calendar usually includes a short introduction and a guided meditation. So for example, a 20 min sessions could have 5 minutes introduction and 15 minutes guided meditation. What is not included in the time indicated in the calendar is the additional 10 minutes that will always be available at the end of each session. In the space it will be possible to share about the practice that just finished or ask any question you might have.
  • From where can I join a session?
    You can join from anywhere you like. The invitation is to find a space from where you can comfortably join a session and with a stable internet connection. That might be your home, your office or anywhere else that is safe and quiet enough. However, don't worry too much about finding a quiet place, especially if you share the space with others. There might be distractions coming up from time to time and you will learn how to welcome these moments as part of your practice.
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